Writing an nginx module

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Emiller’s Guide To Nginx Module Development

But, I am not sure with pure Golang. You need to use C and Golang. I found out some repo which are written by Golang + C for nginx modules. example: hashicorp/ngx_http_consul_backend_module.

NGINX Tutorial: Developing Modules

Nginx has a module chain. When Nginx needs to gzip or chunk-encode a response, it whips out a module to do the work. When Nginx needs to gzip or chunk-encode.

Emiller’s Advanced Topics In Nginx Module Development

Nginx has a module chain. When Nginx needs to gzip or chunk-encode a response, it whips out a module to do the work. When Nginx needs to gzip or chunk-encode a response, it whips out a module to do the work. Writing - Nginx is writing data to the client. Handled - Nginx has finished writing data to the client and the request has been completed successfully and closed.

Dropped - Nginx ended the connection prior to successfully completing the request. Structure of an Nginx Filter Module.

To develop and write an Nginx module, there is a need to know the data types and function calls available in the Nginx system. The official Nginx Development Guide is a key document to read.

It provides information on what header files to include, what return codes are supported, the Nginx data types such as.

An In-Depth Guide to Nginx Metrics

Writing and Compiling a New Nginx Module So by now, you should be prepared to look at an Nginx module and try to understand what’s going on (and you’ll know where to look for help).

Take a look in src/http/modules/ to see the available modules.

Writing an nginx module
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Module ngx_http_stub_status_module