Writing a simple stored procedure

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Simple Image Import and Export Using T-SQL for SQL Server

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Oracle Stored Procedures Hello World Examples

By mkyong | April 5, | Updated: August 29, A stored procedure to output/assign the “Hello World OUT parameter” value to OUT parameter.

all examples are simple and easy to understand, and well tested in my development environment. A stored procedure is a set of precompiled SQL statements that are used to perform a special task.

Example: If I have an Employee table. Employee ID Name Age Mobile Sidheswar 25 Pritish 32 When an application that runs on a workstation calls a stored procedure on a DB2 server, the stored procedure updates a table based on the information that it receives from the application. DB2 10 - Application programming and SQL - Example of a simple stored procedure.

The requirement is to be able to either import or export an image (binary) file to or from SQL Server without using third party tools and without using the BCP (Bulk Copy Program) utility or Integration Services (SSIS).

The goal is to use only the database engine capabilities using simple T-SQL code. Learning something new is challenging. Learning something new on your own redefines challenging. Chances are, you are reading my article because you want to learn how to write stored procedures.

I am writing a simple web application to call a stored procedure and retrieve some data. Its a very simple application, which interacts with client's database.

Writing a simple stored procedure
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Creating a simple stored procedure