Tips on teaching the breaststroke to swimmers

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Total Immersion: How I Learned to Swim Effortlessly in 10 Days and You Can Too

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How To Teach Breaststroke

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Improving your breaststroke technique

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Breaststroke Kick – Swimming Technique and Tips

The breaststroke kick is the kick used by breaststroke swimmers. While at first glance its technique may look simple, there are a few subtleties to take into account for the kick to be executed with maximum efficiency.

If you like to swim, bike and run and have ever thought about doing all three sports competitively or just for fun, then this site will help you become a triathlete.

How To Teach Breaststroke

Swim Smooth: The Complete Coaching System for Swimmers and Triathletes [Paul Newsome, Adam Young] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

Transform your technique in the water and become a better swimmer with this remarkable new approach to freestyle swimming. Below is the list of Florida Swimming position to be considered for election to the Florida Swimming Board of Director, on October 7,at the FL House of Delegates, Rosen Shingle Creek, Orlando.

I am 63 years old and started swimming about 7 mos ago. I have the TI swimming book and three of the videos. They have helped me a lot.

Swimming Lessons

The videos are well done and if followed with practice one can really beging to feel somewhat able to swim. Select Swimmer’s Level. We offer 24 levels grouped by age, with three to four fundamental skills in each level, swimmers develop strength, coordination, mastery, and confidence.

Tips on teaching the breaststroke to swimmers
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