Theme in a pair of tickets

What is the main idea for the story A pair of tickets by Amy Tan?

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Amy Tan is an author who often uses the theme of Chinese-American life, focusing mainly on mother-daughter relationships where the mother is an immigrant from China and the daughter is a thoroughly Americanized - yellow on the surface and white underneath.

In "A Pair of Tickets," the mother tries /5(10). 'A Pair of Tickets' is the final story of the book. In this lesson, you will read a summary of the story, as well as an analysis of its major themes and how it functions within the novel. Buy tickets online. Bull Run Restaurant ticket reservation system.

Book your tickets instantly. Amy Tan's "A Pair of Tickets" is the account of Jing-mei, an American woman on a pilgrimage to China to meet her half-sisters, abandoned by her mother in China during World War II.5/5(1).

Amy Tan's story, "A Pair of Tickets" describes both a physical and emotional journey experienced by Jing Mei Woo and Canning Woo, her father.

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Theme in a pair of tickets
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