Minimalist writing

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A complete guide to minimalist writing

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May 1, ; Minimalist Lists, Minimalist Pastimes, Writing; How to Write Like Hemingway, the Minimalist Writer. I think most critics understand that Hemingway, as a writer was first and foremost a minimalist. And once again, I found that using a few minimalist principles, I was able to get my writing back on track.

Here, I’m not going to distinguish what you’re writing about, or go into how you do it – such as the pros and cons of handwriting or typing. Minimalism in structured writing, topic-based authoring, and technical writing in general is based on the ideas of John Millar Carroll and others.

Minimalism strives to reduce interference of information delivery with the user’s sense-making process. Minimalist writing isn’t just deleting content, it is writing to deliver a lot of value in as few words as possible.

It is the conjunction between clarity and brevity. Session 2:. Darwin Information Typing Architecture (DITA) is specifically designed to support topic-based writing. This chapter explains how to write topic-based information that is minimalist and task-oriented.

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Minimalist writing
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