Journal article teaching writing as a process

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Journal Writing as a Teaching Technique to Promote Reflection

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5 Tips for Publishing Your First Academic Article

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Teaching Expressive Writing to Students with Learning Disabilities

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Improving Writing Skills: ELLs and the Joy of Writing

Since various situations can cause a writer to experience anxiety (Conrey & Brizee, ), this article addresses how technology can be integrated throughout the writing process (brainstorming, drafting, revising, editing, and publishing) to alleviate writer’s block and improve overall writing skills.

For teachers to be able to adeptly use a process approach to teaching writing, 90 minutes per week is a bare minimum (e.g., Graves, ), but most teachers who espouse such an approach appear to be devoting less than that to their instruction.

Australian Journal of Teacher Education 39, 9, September 78 Teacher as an Artist: the Teaching and Writing Processes In light of these factors, the current article poses the question of how learning can.

In this essay, I’ll break down and demystify the format of an article for a general journal. Note that I’m a sociologist, so my insights are field-specific. So, too, must I acknowledge that journals, particularly specialty ones, may have their own style of writing, so the articles you read in them may not follow the format I’ll lay out below.

Writing Your Journal Article in Twelve Weeks can be used individually or in groups, and is particularly appropriate for graduate student professional development courses, junior faculty orientation workshops, post-doc groups, and journal article writing courses/5(). In a study designed to examine the effectiveness of Web-based instructionin the writing of freshman EFL students, Al-Jarf () found that the use of Web-based lessons as a supplement to traditionalin-class writing instruction was significantly more effective than teaching which depended on the textbook alone.

Journal article teaching writing as a process
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