George hillocks teaching writing as reflective practice in education

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Technologies de l'information et de la communication

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Teaching Writing as Reflective Practice

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Scaffolding Learning

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Scaffolding Learning

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Someone give me a research grant! Just kidding. However, I will admit that it took me a moment to figure out why George Hillocks Jr. was spending so much time explaining how "difference" relates to research into (not to mention the practice of) the teaching of composition/5.

He and his MAT students have taught writing in Chicago schools for over twenty-five years. In he won the NCTE David H.

Russell award for Distinguished Research in the Teaching of English for the book Teaching Writing as Reflective Practice. TEACHING WRITING AS REFLECTIVE PRACTICE (). George Hillocks Introduction. Writing is a recursive process that requires the reconstruction of text already written, so that what we add connects appropriately with what has proceeded.

Reflective Practice in Geography Teaching / Edition 1 This book provides a comprehensive overview of contemporary thought and practice in teaching geography. It is designed to support continuing professional development and reflective practice in geography education by: encouraging a critical understanding of the literature and concepts Price: $ Hillocks promotes the concept that writing is the heart of reflective educational practice.

George Hillocks Jr.

As he details the elements involved in the effective teaching of writing, he provides the reader with a conceptual framework for designing reflective writing practice.

5 quotes from George Hillocks: 'In the minds of some people, writing is one thing, but thinking is quite another. If they define writing as spelling, the production of sentences with random meanings, and punctuation, then they might have a case.

But who would accept such a definition? Writing is the production of meaning.

George hillocks teaching writing as reflective practice in education
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