Common rail direct injection

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In the common rail system, the fuel pump charges the fuel rail at a pressure of up to 25, psi.


But unlike indirect injection pumps, it is not involved in fuel discharge. Under the control of the onboard computer, this fuel quantity and pressure accumulates in the rail independently of engine speed and load.

Point of No Return: Returnless Fuel Injection Systems

Diesel common rail Injection Nozzle Tester, Manual fuel pump, test injector tools - - This injector is a brand new unit that has been fully tested but does not come in original packaging.

The supplied common rail injector requires coding to each cylinder by an authorised workshop that hosts the correct diagnostic equipment.

Le système d'injection directe à rampe commune, injection directe à haute pression (en anglais common rail ou DCI pour Direct common rail Injection) est une version moderne du moteur Diesel à injection directe [1] dont l'inventeur est le groupe Fiat et dont le brevet a été obtenu sous les numéros EP A2 le 03 mars et.

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Common rail direct injection
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