China spirits market

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Spirits in China

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China Spirits Market Report: 2016 Edition

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Guide to Sell Wine, Spirit and Beer in China

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Total sales of alcoholic beverages in China were US $ billion ina growth of % from On-trade* sales of alcohol in were reported at US $ billion, with beer accounting for 40% of sales, wine 28%, and spirits 32%.

Off-trade sales of alcoholic beverages in China were. Chinese demand for imported spirits has gone through the roof and the spirits industry agrees that China will become the world’s largest market for spirits.

Per capita spirits consumption is soaring and growth in the spirits market is outstripping that of the economy and the population. China leads the Asia-Pacific spirit market but India is expected to grow fastest. In China, sales of imported spirit have grown four times in the last ten years.

Baijiu (white spirit) and rice wine are the most popular alcoholic drinks in China.

Opportunities in China’s Alcoholic Beverage Market

Spirit consumption in China is a centuries old tradition that has found archeological evidence in ancient history. Due to deep rooted prevalence of spirits in Chinese culture, the modern spirits market is primarily dominated by local drinks like Baijiu and Huanjiu.

China’s Wine & Spirits market

Spirits Market - Industry Value Forecast, Dynamics, growth, potential, segments, market share, Size, online PDF Report, Free Sample Copy, Future projection, Analysis. spirits market in general in china To this day, grain-based alcohol, such as baijiu, are most commonly served during traditional occasions, such as holidays, weddings and formal events.

Being the traditional drink of China, baijiu accounts for almost the entire spirits market.

China spirits market
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