6 1 trait writing assessment rubric

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6+1 Trait® Rubrics

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©Northwest Regional Educational Laboratory 1 6+1 Trait ® Writing Scoring Continuum i IDEAS i ORGANIZATION i VOICE i WORD CHOICE i SENTENCE FLUENCY. Essay Rubric 6+1 Trait Writing Model Student Name: Copyright IRA/NCTE. All rights reserved.

ReadWriteThink materials may be reproduced for educational purposes. Using “6 Traits Rubrics” as an Assessment and Annotation Tool. Many schools and districts use or adapt the “6 Traits” or “6 +1 Traits” rubrics (scoring guides) developed by Education hopebayboatdays.comchers and teachers participated in the development of these rubrics to give an overview of the characteristics of effective writing that crosses.

Is letter writing a lost art? Try five lessons to revive student interest in writing friendly letters. Culham Writing Company helps teachers and students reach their writing goals in classrooms across the U.S. and the World. Welcome! Ruth Culham, Educator and Author of The Traits of Writing.

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6 1 trait writing assessment rubric
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